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Stake CREAP and Earn CREAP.

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we have a very simple tokenomics that support the project very well . In the contract for each buy and sell we have tax on every transaction for LP , Marketing and NFTs rewards and whale rewards. Given below is the breakdown.

1 %
liquidity pool
1 %
whale rewards
1 %
nft holders rewards
1 %
marketing & development

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Most frequent questions and answers

Creap is native token in CryptReaper Ecosystem . which is based on Proof of Stake (PoS) and proof of work (PoW) consensus of BNB smart chain .

There are two ways to earn BNB in CryptReaper Ecosystem .
You can Buy NFT and hold NFT to receive BNB rewards .
Else You can buy 2.5% (25,000,000) CREAP and earn BNB rewards as Whale holder.

we have very flexible staking pool . You can stake any amount of CREAP token . The pool is unlocked that means there is no boundation of time you can unstake at any time.
“stake CREAP and earn CREAP”
“Stake and win BNB”
“Whale stakers rewards”
Check whitepaper for more info.
You can Buy on Pancakeswap and poocoin.
Contract address:


We will follow given roadmap to make CryptReaper a successful Project .

Stealth Launch

Growth - 1

Growth - 2

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